Babies can start at Lotus Swim School from 6 months old. If your baby is younger than 6 months and you would like them to do lessons, you can do the following to get them accustomed to water; have them float on their back in the bath, with Mom/Dad supporting their neck and back, the more relaxed they become the less you support them, starting with your hand supporting their back letting go slowly. The next thing you can do is have them become comfortable with water on their faces.

In our Mom/Dad and Baby class, we focus on survival techniques and poolside safety, babies will usually be in the Mom/Dad and baby class from the ages of 6 months – 1 and a half years old. We request that a parent does the class with the baby to provide comfort to new surroundings and extra security as they brave this new venture – plus its added bonding time!

These classes may seem “playful” and “repetitious” but babies are full of wonder and intrigue and learn best through play.

Parents are encouraged to not feed baby 30 minutes before a lesson. Swim Nappies are to be worn during the lesson, lots of sunblock and any costume you like! Parents, a costume, towel and don’t forget the sunscreen for you too!

‘Ride with Unicorns, swim with Mermaids’
– Author unknown –


Toddlers right?! I have one of my own and I know how their inquisitive little minds peak at this age! You need eyes in the back of your head! An important, yet challenging age for them to start lessons. Firstly because they are curious about everything – water most definitely and challenging, because, well its either a toddlers way or no way at all

These classes are a great bonding time for you and your toddler and require a parent to be in the pool during these classes, learning and playing too!

We continue with learn through play in these classes, I have loads of mind blown parents who cant believe what their tots learn AND remember when it seems they aren’t even focusing. Toddlers are like little sponges, absorbing everything. Repetition is key in these classes – it pays off, promise!

Tots that are not potty trained are required to where a Swim Nappy, a costume of your choice and loads of sunscreen. We advise that tots do not eat 30 minutes prior to their lesson.

‘Your limits consist of the decisions you make’
– Author unknown –


Learning to swim is a great privilege – one that many people fear! Once you have overcome the fear of water, the rest is easy!

Learn to swim classes are for ALL ages, at Lotus Swim School, my passion is helping a student to overcome fear, and the greatest reward is watching them find their own capabilities in the water!

Classes will never have more than 3 swimmers at a time, for those that are incredibly fearful, I will do a couple one on one lessons to boost confidence and find the flaw in your fear!

Classes will be done at different levels, beginner, intermediate and water strong! These are LEARN TO SWIM classes and not squad training. My purpose as a teacher is to do the following:

  1. Eliminate Fear
  2. Establish capabilities and then increase them
  3. Foundation phase – water safety and survival techniques
  4. Stroke introduction
  5. Teaching how to not only be water safe, but water strong.

‘you don’t find willpower, you create it’


A high resistance, no impact, work out routine, designed for the moms who want to tone their body and lose weight. These classes are designed for ladies who are able to swim. 3 ladies per class, gym workouts – in the pool. Great for those with injuries but especially for the busy mom who wants results, time out, to catch a tan, have a chit chat and a laugh and leave feeling refreshed, recharged and able to see and feel a difference in their bodies!