Terms and Conditions

Dress Code

  • Swimming Caps are to be worn at all times and long hair to be tied up under the cap
  • Swimmers who are not yet potty trained are to wear a swimmers nappy
  • Towel


  • Please make sure swimmers are on time for their lessons. Lessons run strictly half hourly.

Toilet Breaks/Disruptions

  • Please ensure swimmer has been to the toilet before their lesson as to not have to go during their lesson.
  •  Swimmers are requested to no eat 30 minutes before their lesson to avoid nausea/stomach cramps. 

Poolside Safety

  • Please do not allow children to run around the pool, or play boisterously this could result in serious injury. Lotus swim school will not be held responsible for any injury/accident caused as a result of disobeying poolside rules.


  •  Please note, lessons will only be made up due to swimmer being ill (doc note provided) Should your instructor need to cancel lessons will be made up. If you are going away on holiday please allow for 24 hrs notice. Lesson will then be made up.
  • Ladies, for those of you swimming, please note lessons will not be made up if you miss during your “monthlies” you are welcome to join another class as a make up if there is availability.


  • To ensure the strictest hygiene is the pool, the following swimmers will not be allowed to swim until cleared, Cancellation policy applies.
    1. Lice
    2. Open wounds/sores
    3. Infectious illnesses

Please Note

  •  No make up lessons will be made for bad weather and circumstances beyond the swim schools control.
  • Swimming will take place provided there are no severe weather conditions.
  • Assessments will take place twice a year, in June and December, swimmer will receive a report and certificate and if necessary, be graded to the next level